Achievement Tutoring

EVTSAZ offers Achievement Tutoring for grades K through 12 in reading, writing, and mathematics, as defined and in accordance with requirements of the Arizona Department of Education.

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As described on the Department of Education's website, the Achievement Tutoring program will consist of: 

  • Six-week tutoring blocks with 60 minute sessions up to four days per week.
  • Students complete a pre- and post-test to determine tutoring needs during each tutoring block, for grades 1 though 8.
  • Tutoring sessions aligned to the Arizona Standards in reading, writing, and math.
  • Tutoring schedules are set up between the parents and the tutor.  


Who is eligible to participate in the Achievement Tutoring Program?

The program is open to any student enrolled in a public or charter school in grades K-12 for tutoring in reading, writing, or mathematics.

Is there a cost associated with the Achievement Tutoring Program?

The Achievement Tutoring Program is free to parents and students. The Arizona Department of Education is using ESSER III funds to provide tutoring for students who have been impacted during the pandemic.

What subjects and topics are covered in the tutoring program?

The program includes tutoring in reading and writing aligned with the Arizona English Language Arts Standards. It also includes tutoring in mathematics aligned with the Arizona Mathematics Standards.

What are the qualifications of the tutors?

District tutors will consist of qualified teachers and substitutes. Tutoring providers in this program are all approved providers that meet Arizona Department of Education qualifications.

How are tutoring sessions conducted?

Public school districts or charter schools will set up tutoring sessions that can be in-person or online through a user-friendly platform.

How often are tutoring sessions conducted?

Tutoring sessions are held for 60 minutes, up to four days per week, for a total of six weeks. Tutoring blocks will take place every six weeks with time between blocks.

When does the tutoring start?

Check here for more information on tutoring sessions. 

How will students be assessed before and after participating in the tutoring sessions, and why is this assessment important?

Students in the program will be formally assessed at the beginning and end of each six-week tutoring block. These assessments help establish a baseline of a student's skills before tutoring and measure the progress made through tutoring. They are vital for tracking and improving student performance.

Program Guidelines

This content and the full program requirements and benefits are outlined on the Arizona Department of Education's website.